The International Edible Book Gallery: Tasty Samples
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of past festivals.
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Feed the World -New Roads High School bookarts students- Santa Monica- Ca- First Edible Book Festival-2000

some images are linked to their bigger versions

Black Coffee, design & realisation Chef Donna Block,
New York Center for Book Art 2006

Nancy Drew & the Secret at Shadow Ranch, Chef Jurgen David designed by Jennifer Verbit, New York Center for Book Art 2006

B is for Buckeye, Ellen Conrad
Denison University,Granville, Ohio 2006

Andreas Kramer, Libro sfuso - Made in Italy, Venizia, Italy 2006

photo Germain Bouleau
L’appareil, Sayaka Omori Montreal, Canada 2006

Food is life Energy, Angela,
Auroville, India 2006

Eating Poetry by Mark Strand,
Béatrice Coron, New York 2006

Un Pane per Pace, Loretta Cappanera,
Venezia, Italy 2005

Provat, Auroville, India 2006

Libriciole, Cialde, Edizione : un esemplare
Giuseppe Perezzan, Venizia, Italy 2006

Mille e una foglia, Tonolo & Dolcetti
Pastasfoglia, crema, zucchero a velo inciso
Edizione : 20 esemplari numerati e una Prova d'Artista, Venizia, Italy 2006

Click Clack Moo Cows that Type, Darcie Argabright, 2006

Von, SabineLurtz , Hamburg, Germany, 2005

Rübenlexikon- Matthias Berthold,
(Steckrübe, 44 Seiten mit farbigen Abbildungen)
Hamburg, Germany, 2005


Alan Warner: The Gates
Boulder, Colorado 2005

George W Bushisms - CharlieJamison
Ursinuscollege, Pennsylvania, 2005

Bork Julia Anne
Venice, Italy 2004

Perezzan Giuseppe
Venice, Italy 2004

Edible Monotype
Lee Amanda
Venice, Italy 2004

The Spirit of the Celts
Maki Takahashi
New York 2004

In Response
Marthimus S. Erasmus
New York 2004

Waters Edge
Georges masraff
New York 2004

The Book of Pi
Stephanie Krause-Robert Christie
New York, 2003

comic strip scroll - Shan Ellentuck
New York, 2003

Homeland Secutity
Louise Padden, Boulder, CO

Anna Cambell

Book Worm
Stacey Stern and Greg Weiss
Chicago 2002

The Big Book of Garden Edibles
Bangor, Maine 2003

Snoopy Comics
Evert Brown
Boulder, CO 2003

Bite Me
Lia Koo, Chicago 2003

Sonne, Mond und Sterne
Gabriele Klemm
Germany- 2003

Smore and Peace
Dave Teeple

The Mad Hatter's tea pot from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland"
Bangor, Maine, 2003

Chicago USA 2001

Vincent's Words
San Luis Obispo,CA 2002

Kathy Miller-Leaf book
San Diego 2002

Verlag Buch & Bill, Klaus Robert Herb
Hamburg, 2002

Masaaki Tatsumi- Eating Nature- Japan 2002

Eggstacy. Women of Creativity Symposium
Center for Book Arts, New York 2002

Daria Flores-Book burning
San Diego 2002

Raymonde Garlan- Matiere Contact-Lyon 2000

Mouth Full-Marie-Celeste Edwards
Center for Book Arts-New York 2001

Edible Mandala, Karen and Linda

Letters from the Grave
Linda Aiello
Santa Monica- Ca 2000

Carol Hahn
New York, Center for Book Arts, 2001

Hommage at William Blake
Mindy Bellof,
New York,2000

My First Book of Shapes
Katherine Ng
Santa Monica- Ca 2000

Shakespeare Sonnet
Linda Muriello
New York,2000

Li Bai Lettuce
Shirley Sharoff
Paris 2000

10 Comandements-
Tara Bryan

Pages of Peas
H. Mc Pherson
Australia 2001

National Book Day
England 2001

The orphic egg, Lúcia Kubitschek, Brazil,2001

Sweet Witch-Craft, Lina Mintz Dias - 11 anos,Tanira Lessa Malta - 10 anos,Guido Mintz Dias - 9 anos,Amanda Lessa Malta - 6 anos -Brazil,2001

Printess and the Pea, C. Tacq, England,2001

Tango-Alice SImpson_Center for Book Arts, New York 2000

©N.Karavasile "inedible"

Tied Fried Dough, Kathy Dery
San Diego, California 2001

Seafood- Larry Orbec
Chicago 2003

Edible Structural Poetry
Charita Patamikakorn
New York 2003

Shell Book - Fritzi Alk
Noosa- Australia 2002

Readers Digest-Béatrice Coron-
New York,2001

M Clorenz- Chocolate Press-
Hamburg 2001

eggspectation , Tessa and Amy, England 2001

Gingerbread Testament- Dorothy Tobe-
Boulder- Colorado, 2002

Little Black Book-Jim Cowles
Boulder-Colorado ,2002

Bread- Jeff Becker
Boulder-Colorado, 2002

Hot Book. - Maryke Stagg-
Noosa, Australia 2002

Daily Bread- Pam- England 2002

Luxembourg 2002

Matière Contact
Lyon-France 2001

Salon du Livre
Gaelle Pelachaud
Paris-France 2002

librairie miniature. Tara Bryan 2001-Canada

The Moon Princess
Masaaki Tatsumi-Japan 2003

Food for Thoughts
Wendy Guida-New York, 2003

"Tough to Swallow"
Pickled Words of Sour News
Béatrice Coron. New York, 2003

Chere's digital short bread books -
Tempe, Arizona 2002

Migration of the Sandhill Crane
Tracy Bellehumeur
Colorado 2003

Three men in a boat by Heather Hunter-
England 2002

La fiancée du roi
A.M. Kah

After School Shack
Dawn Forbes

Literary Cake
Rebecca Pavlenko
Minnesota 2001

Sarah Bernbach
New York 2002

Give us our daily bread, what a bunch of baloney
Ann Kronenberg
New York 2002

Alphabet Jello
Patricia Clark
New York 2002
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